Oh $#%+! I Woke Up In Colorado (Ep.1)

Lance flees to Colorado after ripping off a client he has been scamming for months.

The story begins when Lance Larimer, a mid twenty something scam artist posing as a talent agent, gets a legitimate deal for one of his clients. Rather than taking his 10% and doing the right thing, Lance decides to withdraw it all, and flee to Colorado to stay with his friend Paul, and his two roommates, Sarah, and Jimmy.

The Comedy Web Series may remind viewers of shows like “Seinfeld”, shows like “That 70’s Show”, and shows like “My Name is Earl”. The series also has a bit of drama, and even mystery, adding to the shows humor.

The show is filmed much like a sitcom, which gives the series a throw back feel, and pays homage to shows like “Seinfeld”, and shows like “That 70’s Show”.

More than just your standard stoner web series, “Oh $#%+! I Woke Up in Colorado”, looks to be a Top 10 Web Series, and will be looking to expand the show to a cable/and or major network.

The first season of the web series will run for six episodes starting Sept 1st, 2015. If you are looking for a new web series, or new comedy web series, you have found it!

Filmed on location in Colorado.

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